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Come and experience the meals that John Lennon and Paul McCartney actually enjoyed during their visits to Spain. Our Lennon and McCartney menus have been lovingly and meticulously researched in collaboration with renowned Spanish Beatles academics and authorities, Enrique Sanchez (whose works include “Ole, Beatles”, a history of the Beatles’ 1965 visit to Spain, and “Beatles en el aire”, a detailed history of the Beatles rise to fame) and Javier de Castro (co-author of “Los Beatles made in Spain” and “The Beatles un fenomeno irrepetible”). Delicious and certified 100% accurate by Beatles historians. History never tasted so good!

Para Ti is also home to a unique exhibition of the Beatles’ Spanish connection. You’ll discover the actual bottle of Coke that Lennon drank on set in Almeria, a set of hereto unseen photos of the fab four in Spain, original letters and much more.

John Lennon “Working” Menu £12.95

When Lennon was on set during the shooting of “How I Won the War” in Almeria, Spain, he loved eating the simple but tasty canteen lunches with his fellow crew and cast members. We know from a number of sources that he enjoyed this specific menu on a number of occasions. Indeed, he’s even caught in the act in the photo below.


Ensaladilla de Atun – Spanish Mayonnaise and Tuna Salad


Estafado de Carne Con Patatas Panaderas – Beef Stew with Sliced Potatoes


Flan de Huevo – Egg Flan

John Lennon Gourmet Menu £14.50

These are Lennon’s favourite dishes that he regularly ordered when dining out in Spain. He famously made a point of eating clams to dispel a rumour at the time that a recent nuclear incident had contaminated the seafood.


Sopa de Picadillo – Ham and Egg Soup


Almejas a la Plancha – Grilled Clams


Fresas con Nata – Stawberries and Cream

Paul McCartney Gourmet Menu £14.50

McCartney passed through Cordoba and Seville in November 1956 on a secret visit to his partner. He stopped off a restaurant called La Andaluza in the Plaza de la Corredera where he enjoyed “El Completo” menu which included the following highlights.


Gazpacho – Andalusian Gazpacho


Pavia de Baclao – Cod in Batter


Dedo de Gitano – Gypsy Finger (Chocolate filled Spanish rolls)

The Spanish Influence

Spain had an enormous impact on the Beatles. Since playing in Madrid and Barcelona in 1965, the four fell in love with and regularly visited the country. They went on to record some songs in Spanish and Lennon’s visit to Almeria is the stuff of legend: there he starred in the film ‘How I Won the War’ and wrote ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, arguably his finest song ever.

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